Personal Branding for Young Leaders


The Course "Personal Branding for Young Leaders" is a comprehensive tool-kit for the production of a 18 hours course dedicated to school students and youngsters wanting to learn Personal Branding and Leadership Principles for Self Employment. Main targets of this output are school students and youngsters and teachers wanting to replicate the course.
This intellectual output include the following content
- 180 pages of educational materials: to be used during proposition of courses inspired to this model
- 90 pages of Guide for Teachers
- Report from a piloting study conducted on 120 participants
The content creation process will be done basing on research activity conducted in O1. 

3 modules of 6 hours each including the following topics:
- Personal branding

- Online communication

- Ethical leadership

- Ethical social media communication

- Social responsibility

- SEO strategies for website of freelance activities.
The 90 pages guide for Teachers allows them to access to full list of instruction to favour in students a personal branding mindset. This guide allow teacher to set a strategy for each participant of the course, facilitating them in the process of branding creation.