Cercle Augustin d'Hippone - France

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Our association is a member of the “national consultative group” set up by the Erasmus+ french national agency, it aims at: youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, engagement, promotion and education of democracy culture and spirit, citizenship and gender equality, cooperation and development.
We support adults' creativity, art, entrepreneurship, and culture. What we do: organization and realization of local and international projects, involving business owners, NGO's, governmental and educational institutions.
We build a network of individuals and organization which are interested in entrepreneurship development, especially in social entrepreneurship. We organize intercultural festivals, training, forums, creative camps and other types of projects with and for youth.
Topics: social entrepreneurship, art, and culture, creativity, youth, financial education, intercultural education.
After years of work on youth questions, we acquired enough experience and have the need to make all kinds of projects successful. Our NGO whose international headquarter is based in Paris in France is a transnational organization gathering people from several specialists from different countries of Europe and North Africa, its members previously belonged to other organizations organized several transnational events in different countries targeting especially young people and
civil society on the matters of civic engagement, entrepreneurship, human rights, democratic culture, cooperation, and development tools.

- Support and help the development of human rights education, tolerance, and humanitarian values through formal - non-formal and informal education for effective and active citizenship.
- To organize events and activities to make young Europeans - north Africans closer and give them opportunities to get to know each other and to work together on common matters mainly cooperation, development, and social entrepreneurship.
- Broadcast and teach the sense of economics and social initiatives, social entrepreneurship
- Participate in the development of economic cooperation between the north and the south in the framework of skills and expertise sharing,
- Encourage the dialogue between the western countries and the Mediterranean - north African countries
- Develop and strengthen civil society actors’ skills and capabilities
- Follow the associations and/or projects in the framework of social and solidarity economics
- Empower local and economical projects development which is a main factor in the creation of activities that generate returned and social development
- Fight extremisms in all its forms
- To work for the construction of democratic states and law,
- Promote the principle of separation between politics and religion,
- Condemn and fight all forms of totalitarianism,
- Combine the efforts of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society for the defense of human rights,
- Work for access for all to quality education and training, based on the principles of equality and allowing fulfillment and openness to the world,
- Promote and contribute to equality between men and women,
- Prevent, condemn and combat all forms of racism, xenophobia, and extremism,
- Facilitate the mobility of young people within the Euro-Mediterranean area,
- To work for the promotion of all cultures, a guarantee of diversity and mutual enrichment,
- Protect freedom of belief, conscience and thought,

- Defend the freedom of the press,
- Defend individual and collective freedoms,
- Promote the establishment of the necessary mechanisms to strengthen cooperation and



"SC Psihoforworld" was established in April 2016 as a continuation of the "David Anca Individual Psychology" Cabinet set up in 2012. Legal change was made by expanding the psychological services of our company.
Our main activity is addressed to people with disabilities within the local community, so that -according to case studies - we have developed the following therapeutic programs:
* children with disabilities (autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome, and other conditions) have been included in therapeutic recovery programs; in the process of recovery of deficient children we use effective and personalized methods according to case-law (ABA / PECS / Montessori technique) and speech therapy software;
* for young people with disabilities who have difficulty in social integration, we have developed partnerships with schools that offer educational services to young people without disabilities; through the specificities of the activities we implement (sports activities / playful activities/theater and art therapy) we contribute to the development of friendship/communication and cooperation relations between young people with disabilities and young people without deficiencies; we mention that we currently have 250 young volunteers who contribute to the process of social integration of children / young people with disabilities;
* to help raise self-esteem and self-image of parents with children / young people with disabilities, we regularly organize group counseling sessions; we also encourage collaborative relationships between them and institutions / NGOs that offer social services; for guidance and legal counseling, we have concluded 2 volunteer contracts with specialists in the field.
To facilitate people with disabilities access to our company services, we have signed partnership agreements with the Braila Inclusive Education Center (which educates pupils with special educational needs) and the General School Nikos Kazantzakis (who train pupils with disabilities, Rroma students, pupils without parents coming from the social protection system, adult students who want to

International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences
associazione culturale - Italy

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International Institute of Applied Psychology and
Human Sciences Associazione CulturaleInternational Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences is a cultural and scientific association located in Italy. Its goals are
1. to promote scientific research in the field of psychology, also in cooperation with Scientific Entities and Organisations both public and private, national and international
2. To collect and elaborate data, to structure and implement psychological intervention and to disseminate information regarding applied psychology and human sciences
3. to divulge the methodology of scientific research, psychology, and human sciences
4. to facilitate critical knowledge and learning of Applied Psychology
5. to promote and organize training courses, seminars, congresses, workshop, conferences about Applied Psychology and Human Sciences;
6. to promote psychological knowledge in other professions, facilitating the multidisciplinarity
7. to manage and implement European projects In 2018 IIAPHS had more than 1500 associates and worked especially in the fields of
a. the organization and implementation Training Courses of Applied Psychology: IIAPHS implemented in Turin, Milan, Padua, and Rome the following courses: Non-Verbal Communication and Lie Detection. IIAPHS is involved also in free courses with free courses aimed to divulge Applied Psychology like "How to use mind to change" and "Persuasion".
b. the organization and implementation of International Conferences. We implemented in 2018 the International Course of Criminal Psychology with participation of keynote speakers from Romania, USA, Italy, Cameroun and Poland, with 1500 participants.
c. the participation at six EU-Projects Erasmus+KA2. The first called "Intelligence Profiling" led by Zivac Group Central, aimed to produce intellectual outputs for intelligence analysts, decision-makers, HR professionals and other employees that manage key information of companies and governmental entities. This project has been defined also a competency model for intelligence analysts and decision-makers. and the second "A partnership for change" aimed to identify and reduce violent behaviors. The target is very broad, involving border police, employees of correctional settings and psychologists.
IIAPHS includes experts in psychology and social sciences: social psychology, psychometrics, criminal psychology, psychology of marketing, forensic psychology, cultural psychology, social media marketing. Our network include professionals from several EU countries. The vast majority of associates are learners, we believe that these characteristics will facilitate us to implement proper dissemination plans.
Moreover, IIAPHS experts are fully available in sharing their network of contacts online through internet dissemination strategies involving website with a total result of 2.200.000 million visualization/year and 32000 subscribers at the newsletter.
- Expertise about competencies models: Our group is working at the definition of a competency model for intelligence
analysts in a KA2 Strategic Partnership Project
- An expert from IIAPHS has created a personality psychometric test for the personnel selection of a governmental entity
- Expertise in psychometrics (designing and validating psychometric assessment tools)
- Expertise in organizing, monitoring and implementing international training courses: we have experience in the organisation of big congresses, selection of trainers, quality assessment and marketing of training courses

- Expertise in Personal Branding and Marketing for self-employed professionals
- Dissemination activities. Our group is working in several dissemination activities for the diffusion of good practices in the field of training
- Experts in work and organizational psychology
- Experts in School Psychology and prevention of bullying

Namoi - Russian Federation


The Namoi association aims to protect human rights, defense of the legal interests of socially excluded groups that be connected to a person's social class, race, skin color, religious affiliation, ethnic origin. Such exclusionary forms of discrimination may also apply to people with a disability, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, drug users, institutional care leavers, the elderly and young people. We also assist in the solution of environmental, social and economic issues, and the issues of cultural development and education. We are a group of 5 employed staff members and 589 volunteers that are very active. Our purpose the protection of the disabled person and his family and aims to pursue exclusively objectives of social solidarity directed to bring benefits to disadvantaged people due to physical, mental, economic, social and familiar obstacles. We were able to carry out related and accessory activities in the form of:
- carrying out training, updating and in-depth courses for disabled people and their families;
- preparation of spaces and opportunities for meeting people with disabilities, families, and Institutions;
- dissemination and information on the services and activities of the Association and on issues related to the recovery of people with disabilities, through the use of means of communication;
- promotion of services for disabled people and their families. We have more than 6000 followers all other the country. We work with intercultural dialogue between young people and increase mutual understanding.
Since 2002, we operate with the lower center "The colleagues of layers". Its objectives are the union of indigenous youth, education legal issues, involvement in problem-solving and active participation in the socio-economic and cultural development of young people. To achieve these goals, in 2015 they set up a school for young leaders. For three years there have been courses for students and young people in general in San Petersburg and Velikii Novgorod.
Our members are young people with an active lifestyle, tomorrow's leaders of the villages and towns of our region. On 5th March 2016 Namoi hosted a forum "Youth Power: our rights - our future!" For students from among the Namoi, this was attended by representatives of the Government of the Velikii Novgorod region and Namoi members. The purpose of the forum was to bring youth to the project and give a comprehensive understanding of their human and student rights. The forum was attended by about 70 representatives of socially excluded youth peoples – the students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, working young people and senior schools in Velikii Novgorod. They discussed issues related to policies of socially excluded youth, social movements for national and international organizations. It was particularly noted that today's young people know very little about the culture and history of its people, it is necessary to revive the lost link between generations. With the overall goal of mutual comprehension and cooperation, we have been very active in the field of culture and European Citizenship since our foundation. After more than 10 years of activities, including many European projects (youth exchanges, European internships, study visit…).
• To increase the level of cultural sensitivity of youngsters through diversity appreciation, direct communication and exchange, building trust with different people and developing the ability to think critically, to assess honestly personal behavior towards other people and cultures
• To break stereotypes and prejudices about the disabled by enhancing the awareness of young people about intercultural communication •To implement youth policy and equal opportunities which enable young people to develop skills in gender equality, human rights, peacebuilding, ending violence, conflict transformation, tolerance, and non-discrimination 

• To promote and provide equal access to formal, non-formal and informal education. Empower youth to develop skills in social entrepreneurship and employment for combating exclusion and increasing the role of youth in the development of community
• To create a more friendly and safe environment full of respect, tolerance, mutual cultural understanding
• To build networks of international contacts in order to participate actively in society and to develop a sense of European citizenship and identity

Mehmet Rifat Evyap Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi - Turkey

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Our school started education in the 1998 -1999 academic year. We have 1320 students at our school In our school, there are 5 fields under the name of Information Technologies, Electrical-Electronics Technologies, Chemical Technologies, Machinery Technologies, and Renewable Energy Technologies and education activities with 9 branches under these fields are continuing.
Our mission; In the light of the new and inevitable facts brought about by the information age, to see and understand the needs of the institution with the identity of the solution partner, to perform in the light of the consultative and managerial work in the light of the consultancy principles and to train the qualified technical staff power that our country needs.
With this mission and vision, Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, which provides its students with a modern education opportunity, continues to offer a qualified human profile to the Europe Industry with 100 education and teaching staff.
Our organization has successfully completed the KA102 projects called European Women's Comenius project, Change for Development, Europe for Work and I Develop My Skills for Change. Our school has done e-twinning projects called Speaking with your neighbor and etwinNOISE with Romania Italy, Greece, and Portugal Poland.
Other activities carried out in our school
- Within the scope of the School-Industry Collaboration project carried out with Acerpro Information Technologies, The students are given training in line with the Microsoft Imagine Academy curricula and prepared for certification exams.
- The Industry 4.0 competition with the student's eye (TEGEV) and TUBITAK: Increasing the educational resources with QR code tags
- 10th and 11th International MEB Robot Competition
- ITURO-ITU Robot Olympics
- 1st International Marmara University Robot Olympics
- Our school also publishes a monthly online magazine called Information Age

2o Geniko Lykeio Neas Ionias Magnisias - Greece

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The 2nd upper secondary school of Nea Ionia-Volos is located in the Nea Ionia suburb of the town of Volos in central Greece. Volos is located almost halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki on Greek mainland and is a port city- departure spot of the Argonautic expedition. Our school is a general secondary school with 32 staff and more than 300 students- medium sized for Greek standards. Age range of our students is from 14-15 to 18 years.
We are in the same building complex with a vocational upper secondary school and we share part of the facilities, like the conference and theatre room as well as the gymnastics hall. Both Greece and Greek society have undergone a transformation in the last 30 years and those changes are reflected in our school which, when founded in 1985, was a pilot school, very innovative for that time. Not any more though. Recession has hit the area hard and the unemployment figures have risen in the last few years, as one after the other big factories closed in the town’s industrial zone. Due to lack of a better option in the job market, pupils tend to continue their studies, hoping for a better future. Teachers in school form now a young team of enthusiastic and committed people who try to do their best and give their all in a difficult situation, when all one hears is about economic and social crisis and spending cuts.
We receive students from two lower secondary schools in the area. The first one is located in a working class district in the town centre whilst the second is in a newly built area in the suburbs. Therefore our students´ background is extremely varied. Still, the majority of our students generally come from low and middle socioeconomic status families, so they are deprived from getting to know other cultures in their natural and social environment. An Erasmus+ project is a good opportunity for them to improve their communicative and personal skills. We believe that it is a unique experience for students to broaden their minds and horizons. The students could learn what it means to be a citizen of Europe and understand multicultural societies.