Project Meetings

Kick-off Meeting Paris, France

During the meeting in Paris between 02-03 November 2019, all the participants meet and took decision below
1. The meeting in Romania will be from 20,21,22 and 23 of February 2020. The working days are 21 and 22 of February 2020
2. The meeting in Italy will be from 18,19,20,21 of September 2020. The working days are 19 and 20 of September 2020
3. About the guide 
Chapter 1: Greece
Chapter 2: Russia
Chapter 3: Italy 
Chapter 4: Turkey
Chapter 5: France
Chapter 6: Romania
                                                                                                     Exercises: All Partners
Deadline for the English Version: 19th February 2020

Second Meeting Braila, Romania

The Work Plan YEL
O1 still work pending 
The guide 300 pages Become a Young Ethical Leader through Self Employment should be taken from all partners and created as a 300 pages material and make it available also in word version for translation for partners. Romanian partner needs to send after to the Turkish partner for the website as it should be downloaded from the website. 5 march deadline 2020 
The guide to be translated in national languages 20 april deadline 2020 
Or the Turkish partner: Each file like (O1) WILL BE ASSOCIATED TRACK THE NUMBER OF USERS DOWNLOADING the materials and related statistics 
The O1 should be a material to study for O2 
O2 work to be done

What should be done : 

-180 pages of educational materials:
- at least 90 pages of Guide for Teachers
- report from a piloting study conducted on at least 120 participants

1) Creation of 30 pages of educational materials per partner for the courses we plan to do and they to be put a a power point in slides. This will be later added by NAMOI all together and created as a common material. This should be added to the google drive. 
2) The 90 pages guide for Teachers allows them to access to full list of instruction to favour in students a personal branding mindset. This guide allow teacher to set a strategy for each participant of the course, facilitating them in the process of branding creation.As we were divided for the O1 we will use the same topics and will be 15 pages per partner in total that should be translated in english and in same time in national language. This should be added to the google drive 
3) Create 3 courses of 6 hours each with 30 participants per course each partner per course on  topics: personal branding, online communication, ethical leadership, ethical social media communication, social responsibility, SEO strategies for website of freelance activities. All photos, videos, attendance list , certificates  should be added to the google folder. 

Special tasks for NAMO regarding O2: 
Analysis of results
statistical analysis of quality questionnaires (before and after the event there will be a questionnaire to evaluate the competences and how they progresses before and after) 
--- statistical analysis of proficiency questionnaires ( for getting to know if they like it and what they know) 
--- statistical comparisons between countries (done based on the documents) 
30 april 2020 deadline 
This all should be published: 
-the project official website 
-the partners website 
-the facebook group and organizational facebook groups  

Future work 
-As many as possible articles 
Report completion and ass on google docs: 15 april deadline