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Project Summary

Young Ethical Leaders has the primary goal to encourage effective self-employment for youngsters through the learning of personal branding techniques and ethical leadership. The partnership for Young Ethical Leaders includes 6 organizations, 2 secondary level schools, 1 small and medium enterprise, 2 associations and 1 counseling body from France, Italy, Russia, Greece, and Romania.
The principles that inspired us in this proposal are:
- Eurostat (2017) and other data from the labor market revealed that the percentage of the self-employed population is increasing
- approach to self-employment is often done without specific training and performed with trial-anderror, that may lead to failure and loss of motivation
- self-employed workers need today many competencies that are not taught during formal education (school, university) and often are briefly mentioned in the professional training (ie personal branding, social media management, ethical leadership, advertising, fiscal issues, marketing strategies, online communication)
- participating countries share a high level of Young NEET. Our proposition wants to propose effective strategies for Young self-employment in order to increase the youngsters' motivation in business ideas
- the increasing weight of social media communication led to the fragmentation of marketing strategies and methods of control for ethicality in communication is decreased, this leads to an increase of untruthful advertising or even exploitation of fake news for marketing purposes. Our partnership want to highlight the importance of Ethical Leadership in the proposition of services through internet and social media as a solid strategy for positioning in the medium-long term The primary goal will be achieved through a strategy including the following intellectual outputs translated into 6 languages (EN, IT, RO,  TK, GR, RU):
1) the production of a 300 pages Practical Guide "Become a Young Ethical Leader through Self Employment" a full guide for teaching to school students and youngsters how to create a business idea for self-employment based by teaching them techniques for person branding, ethical social media management, ethical leadership, advertising, online communication and all technicalities needed for starting an self-employed activity.
2) the 18 hours Course "Personal Branding for Young Ethical Leaders" dedicated to making youngsters practice directly with trainers in the production of a business idea. This output contains also a special guide for educators and Teachers wanting to replicate the course
3) the Multilingual e-learning Platform for Future Ethical Leaders, an interactive Platform designed for delivering video-lectures on personal branding and ethical leadership for Young self-employed workers. The Platform includes innovative methods for Learning including a chatbot assistant system for the promotion of creativity in the proposition of business ideas, a peer-support Platform, a section for the proposition and networking of Young business ideas at the international level.
The primary target of our project is school students in the 4th or 5th year and youngsters in the class ages 16-25. This target will reach directly benefits from the adoption and practices of the content included in the three intellectual outputs. The secondary target is VET centers, educators, trainers, teachers wanting to extend the practice of "Young Ethical Leaders" project through the adoption of one or more methodologies included in the project (ie replicating the Course - O2) or creating new content inspired to materials produced during the project's lifetime.

Our project wants to achieve the following secondary goals:
a) to increase the internationalization of young self-employed workers through online networking activities facilitated by the e-learning Platform (O3)
b) to increase creativity for business ideas in youngsters
c) to encourage policies and initiatives directed toward youngsters in order to reduce demotivation and NEET percentages

At the end of this project, partners will promote 6 multiplier events with at least 155 participants designed for
a) encourage the adoption of the three intellectual outputs
b) discuss and promote sustainability strategies for the project
c) motivate youngsters by the celebration of the International Prize "Young Ethical Leaders"

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02 November Paris Meeting
During the meeting in Paris between 02-03 November 2019, all the participants meet and took decision


 21 February Braila Meeting
During the meeting in Paris between 21-22 February 2020, all the participants meet and took decision